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Hungry Robins
"At midday, the noise of feeding robins filled the air!" wrote an amazed observer.

"I've had about 20 American Robins hanging out since December. The Michigan Holly had great fruit this year as does the Maple Leaf Viburnum and Oriental Bittersweet. Berries of Poison Ivy were great too but most of it is gone now." Rich in Lakeville, MI (January, 2014) 

"We saw a large number of robins stripping juniper berries from a tree." Sally in Lakeville, MA (January 4, 2014) 

"OMG! It was very cold but they were everywhere feeding on berries—a magnificent sight." Normie in Indianapolis, IN (January, 2014) 

Robins feeding on berries fallen on snowy ground
Photo: Normie Woods


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