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Robins at feeders?

Observers have seen a few robins eating unusual foods, such as seeds in or under birdfeeders, or even suet:

"This robin has been coming to my suet several times every day and will sit on it and eat until another bird chases it away. Is this common for robins?" Patty in Montrose Michigan, March 18

No, it's not common for robins! Expert Laura Erickson suggests a connection between recent years of drought in many areas as well as widespread use of lawn treatments that include insecticides. She writes, "Earthworms may be growing more difficult for robins to find, and it's when they're very hungry or thirsty that they are most likely to expand their food preferences and pay closer attention to where other birds are getting food." For more details, see Answers from the Expert in this week's report!

Photo: Patty Powell

Ann unusual sight: American robin at a suet feeder!