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Robin Pile-up!
Large waves of robins jammed up in Minneapolis, Minnesota when they halted their migration in the face of snowstorms there last week. Most were males that came up from the south when storms there cleared. They ate most of any remaining sumac berries and crabapples. Amazed observes reported hundreds of robinsin trees and shrubs, puffing up and charging at one another in typical spring behavior for males ready to mate.

"Today we got slammed with a spring snowstorm. The poor robins barely had dry ground as of yesterday; and today there's no chance of a worm in a 50 miles radius of where we're at! If you look closesly, you can see about 16 in the photograph." Kari from Hoover Elementary, Gr. 5,Selah, Minnesota, (April 18)

Photo: Kari Madrinich

Wave of robins in April snowstorm in Minnesota