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Where will the robin build its nest?
Robin nests are nurseries. A suitable nesting site is critical to robin survival. In this week's report you'll learn what robins need and look for before building a nest.

Try this:
Go outside and look at your outdoor spaces. What places have all the features the female robin looks for as she chooses a nesting site? For example:

  • What structure will provide a sturdy base on which to anchor a mud-packed nest that will stay secure for at least a month?
  • Which tree branches or ledges will be strong enough to support the weight of at least one adult robin and a brood of four or five growing chicks?
  • From the ground to the treetops, where will the nest be hidden from the sight and reach of potential predators?
  • Which shade trees or sheltered ledges would protect the eggs—and then the growing chicks—from wind, rain, and direct sunlight?
  • Are food and water sources nearby?

Image: Wayne Kryduba