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What do robins eat in the wintertime?

Over 140 people reported large waves of robins during January, 2012. Many people saw what the robins were eating. Based on these actual observations, what do robins eat?

  • Like a hungry robin, take a scavenger hunt. Circle examples of some of the robin's favorite wintertime food and drink.
Observation Reports from Citizen Scientists

British Columbia: This morning it is quite cold, 2 below zero C. I have a big mountian ash outside my window which is filled with robins.

Kentucky: The weather has been so warm here, it sometimes feels like spring. Multiple birds at times in the crab apple tree eating the desiccated fruit.

Quebec: Robins are enjoying frozen cherries in our wild cherry tree in our front yard.

California: We have had for several days a huge flock of robins eating the fruit off our flowering pear trees.

Florida: Hundreds of Robins in the neighborhood and my yard. Same thing today 1/14 even though we had a mild freeze last night. Tearing up my mulch beds looking for worms! Vermont: I saw two robins today as I drove by an apple orchard. It's such an unusually warm winter, robins have been reported widely so I wasn't surprised to see these in January even though uncommon for this area!
Virginia: I have acres of cedar trees and the robins and cedar waxwings have come and stayed since the 11th of January. They warm up in the tops of the cherry and paradise trees in the mornings and sing, sing, sing....go to the pond for a drink, then move from cedar to cedar all day long and eat, eat, eat....

New Jersey: Have seen small groups of robins in the neighborhood feeding on berries of holly trees.