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Abigail's Sighting: A Pair There?
April 18: I was outside playing baseball with my younger brother and I heard a weird noise. I looked to the direction it was coming from and I saw two robins. I think one was a male and the other a female. I think this because the first robin looked at the other bird and took 3 little hops. Then the second robin took 1 little hop. Each time the first robin took a step or a hop the second robin followed the first robin. Then the first robin started to get aggravated by this robin, so it took off. The funny thing is the second robin followed. Not very close but not too far away. It was amazing being up close to an robin. I was about 6ft away from them both. It was so cool!!!
—Abigail, Grade 6, Granby, CT

Image: Elizabeth Howard

Male and female robin