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Competing for Food: Robins and Cedar Waxwing
Throughout winter, the fruit produced on trees and shrubs last summer and fall is getting eaten. Each day there's less fruit than the day before. By February it can be harder and harder to find food. When birds do discover a berry-full tree like this mountain ash, the birds want to eat—not fly off in search of another tree. This waxwing has parked itself close to a cluster of berries. It wants to stay until it has a full stomach. But the robins want to eat, too! Unfortunately, none of them are eating anything during this standoff. What do you think the waxwing will do? Will it grab a berry and fly off? Will it stake its claim a little while longer in hopes the robins are so hungry and impatient that they leave?

Photo: Christine Haines

Robins and Cedar Waxwings on a mountain ahs with berries.