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What do robins eat in the wintertime?
Over 180 people reported large waves of robins during January. Many people saw what the robins were eating. Based on these actual observations, what do robins eat?

  • Like a hungry robin, take a scavenger hunt and look for some of the robin's favorite foods.

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Observation Reports from Citizen Scientists

North Carolina: We noticed a flock of 50-100 Robins foraging on the ground. We live in a heavily wooded area and on lakefront property. Our wooded area also has holly trees full of berries. We observed the Robins feeding off the berries, also. It is quite a sight to see that many Robins flocked together.


Virginia: I observed a WAVE of Robins in my yard this morning looking for insects in the leaves under the trees. The group was about 20.

Indiana: We have never seen robins in the winter before. They are now coming in every day (even in the snow) to eat from our crabapple tree.

Florida: At least a couple of hundred robins are feasting on the berries from my two large camphor trees.


South Carolina: For two days we've had lots of robins on our property, mostly taking advantage of the pond and creek.

New York: I saw six robins in my driveway today. They have been out there for at least 15 minutes and are drinking melted ice on the blacktop. This seems awfully early for a robin sighting in my experience.

Pennsylvania: This is the third wave we've seen. They pick at the fruit on our pear trees. The other day, they found some mulch that was not covered with snow and were picking at it. It actually looked as though they found some bugs to eat.

Look for more examples of food that robins eat in the wintertime!