Journey North News: Spring 2011
Posted Tuesdays:  Feb. 1, 15, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Apr. 5, 12, 19, May 3, 10
FINAL Robin Migration Update: May 10, 2011
Robins have reached the end of the migration trail. We celebrate the remarkable changes we have witnessed, and we thank YOU—the citizen scientists whose reporting made it possible. Guess what happened in this nest of baby robins soon after the photo was taken? It's time to enjoy your backyard robins!
Image: Sandra Bedford
Robin Migration Update: May 3, 2011
Roller coaster temperatures in the North keep robin spotters waiting. Four of our Northern Observation Posts have yet to see and hear robins. Meanwhile, robins in many places are raising the next generation. What three things can newborn robins already do? Thanks to all citizen scientists who have helped tell this spring's migration story. Next week: wrap up!
Image: Sandra Bedford
Robin Migration Update: April 26, 2011
Few sighting reports may indicate that most homeward-bound robins have arrived. But robins are still eagerly awaited at the northern end of their breeding range. Where? While your returning robins are busy collecting twigs and constructing nests, explore the nesting cycle of robins with this week's challenge. In today's image, where do you think this robin is going next?
Image: Laura Erickson
Robin Migration Update: April 19, 2011
Journey North observers reported a few more robins at higher latitudes and altitudes but six Northern Observation Posts are still waiting. What do you notice that's new to you in this image of a migrating robin in flight? In honor of Earth Day we offer an ecological mystery, and we salute an environmental hero.
Image: Elizabeth Howard
Robin Migration Update: April 12, 2011
Springtime robins had a good week to push north. More than half the singing reports last week were from Canada. From south to north, observers report robins in various stages of migration and nesting. Robins instinctively know how to build perfect nurseries. But how will this robin decide where t o build the nest?
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Robin Migration Update: April 5, 2011
Robins are arriving and even singing at higher latitudes. When will they reach interior Alaska where students are watching and waiting? See records from the past decade, then enter the "Early Bird Contest" and send us your guess! Read Answers from the Expert this week, and ponder why claiming and defending a good territory is so important to a male robin.

Robin Migration Update: March 29, 2011
What changes we've seen during the month of March! A robin chorus now sings across the United States. Next, find out about our Northern Observation Posts (NOPs), 17 locations where spotters wait, watch and listen for robins in the northern reaches of the continent. How long will it be until robins arrive?

Photo: Christine Haines
Robin Migration Update: March 22, 2011
More robins pushed into Canada this week, eagerly awaited at their summer homes. Observers report more robins exhibiting spring-like behaviors. For example, it's worm hunting season and people watch with wonder: How do robins find earthworms? What senses do they use?

Robin Migration Update: March 15, 2011
Cold, wet weather may have kept robins from a big push northward, but our maps show an increase in robin abundance. This week, explore robin vocalizations and see what your backyard robin might be saying. Learn something new about robin communication as you discover “tail wagging,” too. Meanwhile, remember to listen and watch for robins in your own home town and put your robin on the migration map! Photos: Laura Erickson
Robin Migration Update: March 8, 2011
Robins are
starting to sing across the United States, but not yet in Canada. The robins are returning, and it's time to salute another sign of spring: the lowly earthworm. They migrate only a few feet, but the timing of their arrival makes earthworms the unsung heroes of robin migration. Thanks for keeping your eyes open and your ears tuned so you can report robin activity in your area. Photo: Wayne Kryduba

Robin Migration Update: March 1, 2011
Change is in the air! March is the month of peak robin migration. Our checklist helps you get ready. Explore our photo gallery and get inspired to ask the expert your questions. Compare maps and predict: When will your robin sing its first spring song? What are the robins "saying" in this week's image?

Photo: Christine Haines

Robin Migration Update: February 15, 2011
As record-breaking blizzards swept across the nation, reports of migrating robin flocks flew across our maps. tens, hundreds, even thousands of robins—were on the move. Find out what observers saw—and look for reasons why these winter wanderers travel in flocks.

Photo: B. Gross

Robin Migration Update: February 1, 2011
Welcome to Journey North's 18th season! Join citizen scientists across North America as we track the robin's spring migration. Learn how to watch for robins and how to listen for their first song. What do robins do in the wintertime? What do they eat? The observations people reported in January help tell the story.

Photo: Fran Ludvig

robin Welcome and Orientation: The return of the robins is a favorite sign of spring. Learn to identify robin songs and calls, analyze migration maps and data, explore the robin life cycle, and discover all kinds of surprising things about this cheery, backyard harbinger of spring. What do robins do in the wintertime? Find out from the observations people reported in January. News updates begin February 1, 2011. Join us!
Photo: Chris Early