Migration Update: March 24, 2009 
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What does this robin's body language say to you?
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Highlights: Robins Moving North
There was a big warm-up this past week in the mid-section of the continent, with temperatures recorded 5-9 degrees above normal. Robins are claiming their territories now that they can find their dinner wiggling in the warmer soils.

Thirty-four reports of robins singing since our last update. Have you heard any?

"The robins are on everyone's lawn all day and lots of squabbles, so territories are still being established. Lots of early morning and late afternoon singing too." St. Catharines, ON (03/20/09)

“Warm day, probably in the high 50's. Saw a nice plump robin at the bird bath, then later heard him loudly singing the "cheer-up" song. Hearing that lovely Spring bird song, "cheered" me up too." Beloit, WI (03/22/09)


Today's Map Questions

Male or female? What clues help you answer this question?
Explore: Bird Behavior—What Do You Notice?

Step outside on a spring morning and there's a good chance you could hear a robin sounding a familiar call.

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Try spotting the robin. What is he doing? Our robin expert, Laura Erickson, shares her knowledge in a lesson about robin behavior >>

By Laura Erickson
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The Next American Robin Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 31, 2009.