Journey North News: Spring 2008

Posted Tuesdays:  Feb. 5, 19, Mar 4*, 11, 18*, 25, Apr. 1*, 8, 15*, 22, 29*, May 6 (* Migration Data Only)

FINAL: May 6, 2008
From Florida to Alaska and California to Canada, robins are home. They're hunkering down to the serious business of making new little robins. See what's in a day's work for those parents, and find out how "disposable diapers" help keep the nest clean. Keep kitty indoors to protect baby birds, and thanks to all who reported their robins to help track the 2008 journey north! Photos Wayne Kryduba
April 29, 2008
Roller coaster temperatures in the North keep robin spotters on the lookout. Once the robins get settled in they lose no time getting nests ready for the job ahead of raising a family. Explore and learn about the 14 days from egg to fledgling robins. Or, build a nest platform for the robins. It will keep them safe and let you watch the amazing process.
April 22, 2008
Few sighting reports may indicate that migration has slowed. Robins that already reached the end of the road are busy with the next stage in their life cycle. "Hey, the robins are starting building the nest!! It is wonderful!" wrote an excited Quebec observer. How do Robins divide the chores? Investigate: Would you rather be the male or the female?
April 15, 2008
Look at spring temperature patterns in North America and compare them to the map of singing robins. In what ways are they similar? Two robins stopped to rest during migration last Thursday morning in my neighborhood. They hopped from branch to branch and tree to tree, but never flew. What can you learn by looking closely at their pictures?
April 8, 2008
Your exciting reports tell us that robins are still arriving, still moving through parts of the continent in huge waves, and now singing in more places. Females arriving mean it's time for our photo study so you can tell them apart. Compare the earthworm map and robin maps. How do robins find those worms? A scientist's fascinating experiments shed light on the answer. See which NOPs are still waiting for robins.
April 1, 2008
Robins continue to spread out across the map. See how a clever robin observer has helped robins find food after a heavy snowfall. Study and compare temperature and robin maps to see if an age-old theory is accurate this season. And keep your eyes and ears on alert for the first robins in your area this spring!

March 25, 2008
Spring has arrived, at least by the calendar. While distribution hasn't changed a great deal in the past week, our map shows that abundance has. More robins are singing on territories. Why is claiming and defending a good territory so important to a male robin? Read what scientists in a mountain lab wondered about robins that came there to breed, and are showing up earlier than ever before.

March 18, 2008
This week find out about our Northern Observation Posts (NOPs). Learn about the 22 spotters that wait and watch for the robins to arrive in their northern locations. How long will it be before they arrive in each place? Search for clues to help you predict when the red-breasted robin will show up at each outpost. Photo:F. Ludvig
March 11, 2008
No big push northward occurred this week, but the map is filling in. Robins are singing in a few spots, even though temps are freezing! What does a robin need from its habitat? Find out if yours is ready. How does a robin learn its song? Our interview with Dr. Aborn reveals answers. Investigate robin behavior with photo studies and take your turn as the expert.
March 4, 2008
Just a quick update today to give you the latest maps and data to study. Robins are coming! Where are robins singing this week? Compare this map with the one showing robin sightings. How are they different and alike? Look for patterns and predict where the first singing robin will be reported next week!
February 19, 2008
From Alaska to Florida and California to Nova Scotia, robins are feeding, flocking, and flying. A few robins are already singing! Surprised? Learn why we make three different maps to track their travels. Play "Name That Tune" to be sure when your robin arrives. Dig into "Robin-speak" to recognize what robins say with their calls. Get the basics of Song and Temperature this week and you'll be ready to track robins all the way home!

February 5, 2008
Where are the robins spending this 2008 winter? Let's find out before the spring migration begins! We'd like to know if you have robins over-wintering in your town. Go outside and look for robins. Ask everybody you know — near or far — to help you look for robins. Then report your sightings by February 18. It's the Winter Robin Round-up for 2008. Welcome aboard!

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