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Raising Babies
Across their breeding range, robins are busy raising a new generation. More...
American robin incubating eggs on the nest.
  USWFSmidwest/CC BY-NC 2.0
  Follow the robin's annual cycle. From January until June, citizen scientists across North America report their first robin of spring, waves of migrating robins, and the first robin song of spring. Share data to help scientists understand how robins respond to climate and changing seasons. Explore life cycle, ecology, habitat, and conservation needs. Please report your observations.
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Spring Migration 2017
Watch this season's story unfold.

American Robin in snow

American Robin in snow

Get Ready

Help track spring migration as robins travel to their breeding grounds.

Seeing Robins?
February 1

Report where robins are this winter.

Flocking to Berries
February 8

People are reporting flocks feeding on trees laden with winter berries.


Singing in Spring
February 15

Distinguish the robin's true song from other common vocalizations.

Migratory Restlessness
February 22

The urge to migrate is building as the breeding season approaches.

A Day in the Life
March 1

March is peak migration month. Imagine a day in the life of a migrating robin.


Finding Water
March 8

Drinking, bathing, and hunting — migrating robins need water.

Snow and Cold
March 15

How are robins coping with March's see-saw weather?

Hunkered Down
March 22

As winter Storm Stella blew through last week robins hunkered down.


Spring into Action
March 29

As the breeding season begins robins spring into action — singing, claiming, battling, and wooing.

April Arrivals
April 5

While many robins are still en route to their breeding grounds, those on territory have begun the nesting cycle.

Nesting Season Underway
April 12

Where do robins build their nests and what signs of nesting can you see?


Nests and Eggs
April 19

Females are laying and incubating eggs — babies will be hatching soon.

Migration Complete!
April 26

All across their breeding range, robins are home. It's time for raising babies.

Raising Babies
May 3

Robins are raising the next generation.




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