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Robin migration map
Seeing Robins? Let Us Know!
Over 157,000 American robins have been reported to Journey North since the first of January! Where are they finding food and water? More...
Robin in Winter

Are robins feasting in berry-laden trees where you live?

  Follow the robin's annual cycle. From January until June, citizen scientists across North America report their first robin of spring, waves of migrating robins, and the first robin song of spring. Share data to help scientists understand how robins respond to climate and changing seasons. Explore the robin's life cycle, ecology, habitat, and conservation needs. Please report these spring observations.

Spring Migration 2016
Watch the spring migration story unfold.

American Robin in snow

American Robin

Get Ready

Help track spring migration as robins travel to their breeding grounds.

February 3, 2016

Report first robin, waves of robins, first song heard, and first earthworms.

Finding Food and Water
February 10, 2016

What foods are your wintering robins eating? Where are they finding water?




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