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Longer daylight is a catalyst for change across the Northern Hemisphere. From the melting lakes in the far north to the continued migrations over the Gulf of Mexico, spring is here in all its splendor. How do lengthening days in the Northern Hemisphere affect changes in living systems? Enjoy a sampling of signs of spring with today's patchwork of photographs.

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Signs of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere: A Sampling
Faded monarch butterfly orioler robin nest building
A faded monarch from Mexico laying eggs for the next generation in North Carolina. First oriole spotted at the hummingbird feeder in Kansas. "I immediately got my oriole feeder, an orange half, and grape jelly." Robins are nesting! The female weaves dead grass and mud to build her nest. Look for robins with muddy breast feathers, like these.
robin nest building ice out comparison melting snow
Hungry black bears have awakened from hibernation in Vermont. Ice-out was almost a full month earlier in 2012! Compare with last spring. April in Palmer, Alaska means the snow melts!
migration nesting whooper Red Admiral butterfly
Migration on radar. Flocks of migrating birds about to make landfall off the Texas and Louisiana coasts, shown in green and blue.

Whooping cranes lay one or two eggs and incubate during the month of April. A massive migration of red admiral butterflies moved into the north this month. People reported them in "uncountable numbers."
It's Spring! Time to Report Your Daylight
April has now passed and we can celebrate some amazing signs of the season. What seasonal changes did you observe? Lake ice went out in record time during the early heat of this unusual spring. Robins have arrived and are now singing in North Pole, Alaska. Faded and tattered monarchs mark the end of the generation that overwintered in Mexico. Migrating birds continue to arrive from the tropics and we continue to watch and wait for our favorite birds and butterflies to arrive in our home towns.

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