Journey North News: Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Signs of the Seasons (phenology) observation updates posted the first of each month.

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Phenology Observations for May
Toads trilling, bumblebees buzzing, dragonflies darting, and feathered-friends flitting to feeders. Lots of changes afoot this month. Today, see an exciting animation of how sunlight has changed during the schoolyear. This is the last Signs of Spring update, but don't stop looking, listening, drawing, and writing about what you see. You might make some new discoveries! Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Signs of Spring: Observations for April
Sometimes it's new sounds that clue us in to seasonal changes. What new spring signs are your ears picking up? We'll help you tune them this month. You'll also find some great photos of spring signs in the States and nearly halfway around the globe. Are you paying attention to the sunlight? Let's take a look from space and see what has changed! Photo: Duygu Ergen
Signs of Spring: Observations for March
When you make your March observations, keep your eyes and ears open. Big changes are in store as we head into spring! Again this month, take a look at the Earth from space to see an important change in sunlight. Things are happening even more quickly than last month. Have you noticed?
Signs of Spring: Observations for February
It may still feel like winter, but observers who have looked and listened closely have discovered lots of seasonal changes — from hungry eagles to extra sunlight. Use our Signs of Spring journal pages and checklists to describe what's happening in your hometown. Also this month, take a look at the Earth from space to see an important change! Photo: DaveMansell
Signs of Spring: Observations for January
Welcome to Signs of Spring! The sun is beginning its "journey" back north. What changes will this bring to your hometown in the coming months? Stay tuned. As you look outside this month, pay special attention to water. Join us as we do the same — and as we look at the Earth from space this New Years Day.

Photo: ©2007 Tom Henthorn Sr.
Signs of Fall: Observations for December
Autumn in North America is winding down, and the winter solstice is just 3 weeks away. Snows are falling and flocks of feathered friends are in a feeding frenzy! What's happening in your schoolyard? This month we'll explore what happens with the sun and shadows on the solstice. Join us!
Photo: Douglas Gates
Signs of Fall: Observations for November
Your reports speak loudly: Things in the natural world are hopping! As their environment changes, animals are flocking, flying, hoarding food, and more. Nectar and other food sources are scarce. What else have you noticed? How have some of these seasonal changes affected your life? Dig into these questions and think about the role of the sun as you explore photos of Earth from space! Photo: The Living Earth, Inc.
Signs of Fall: Observations for October
Fall is unfolding and migrating animals are moving. Several observers report huge flocks of robins. Others have noticed thicker coats on animals, including human ones! As you go outside to observe your changing environment this month, try to draw what you see. Are students everywhere seeing similar changes? Find out!
 Photo: Shelley Powers
Signs of Fall: Observations for September
What does fall look like in your part of the world? Once each month, take a few minutes to go outside and record the changes you see. Plan to go outside exactly one month later and see how things have changed. Watch for a monthly reminder. Keep in mind that shifting sunlight is the basis for all other changes you'll see this season! Photo: Elizabeth Howard

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SIGNS OF FALL OBSERVATION REMINDERS will be posted here once a month from September through June.
Get ready to gather data about fall changes! Find out why it's worth collecting, how to do it, and what you can do with your findings. >>

Photo: Suzanne DeJohn