Journey North News: Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Signs of the Seasons (phenology) observation updates posted the first of each month.

Fall 2011
Gallery Signs of the Seasons: December
From sunrise to sunset, how does your daylight compare with other locations on the globe? Report for December 1st, then use the photoperiod map as a springboard for discovery. Also this month, experience the amazing seasonal phenomenon of bald eagle and salmon migrations happening RIGHT NOW in Alaska.
collecting Signs of the Seasons: November
What does the changing season bring? Describe, draw, or collect things that represent change in your hometown. How many minutes a day are you losing? Everybody is noticing changes in daylight. Explore the map to find where they are gaining minutes every day. Report daylight for November. Show us what seasonal change looks like outside your window.
seasonal change

Signs of the Seasons: October
From the Tropics in Mexico to the Arctic latitudes, people reported their daylight on the Equinox! Explore the results. Mark your calendar to report daylength. Show us what seasonal change looks like outside your window.

sunlight around the globe

Signs of the Seasons
New this Fall: How does daylight change in your part of the world as the Earth revolves around the Sun? Join kids around the globe. Share and compare observations. Explore how changes in sunlight cause the seasons and affect the entire web of life.