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Phenology Data Exchange
Using nature's clues, can you find your partner?

Phenology Data Exchange Reminder: April 19, 1999

Today's Update Includes:

Data Collection Reminder
Print a copy of the Spring Phenology Data Checklist and remember to collect these observations next Friday, February 19:
  • Your Local Photoperiod
  • Length of Shadow at Noon
  • Temperatures (High, Low, Average)

Guess the Location of the SPRING Secret Site
It's time to guess where they're hiding! After reading the final clues below, what do you think?

Challenge Question #18
"Where do you suppose our Spring Secret Site is collecting THESE clues? Guess the exact latitude and longitude of their location."

How to Place Your Guess

  1. The deadline is May 1, 1999
  2. Send an e-mail message to
  3. In the subject line write: Challenge Question #18
  4. In the body of your message, write your guess.

The winner will be announced on May 13 with final Phenology Data Exchange posting

FINAL Clues from Our SPRING Secret Site

  • Clues from Krystal:
  • We have been starting to see our first migratory spring birds. The first bird we seen was a pine grosbeak. We seen it on 3/7/99. The second bird we seen was the Bald Eagle. The Eagle was seen about 5 miles up the river. We seen it on 3/26/99. The third bird we seen was a common Redpoll. We seen it on 3/28/99. Both the grosbeak and the redpoll we seen at our birdfeeders."
  • Clues from Sheila:
  • "Joy and Shauna saw a camp robber (gray jay) carrying a stick in its mouth. We also saw ravens sitting in their nest up the road last week (April 6th)."
  • Clues from the teacher:
  • "Last week we had our spring migrate-through birds: the snow bunting!!!! The kids couldn't find them. I said, 'No, they're out there. Look harder.' (They were RIGHT NEXT to the school on the ground). I said, 'Can't you see them? They're eating!' Finally Shauna said, 'OH!! OH!! They eat on the ground because they are camouflaged to the snow!'"
  • We are expecting our tulips to peek through the ground around the end of May.
  • Here are our sunrise and sunset times so you can figure our photoperiod:

    Date Sunrise Sunset Photoperiod
    Feb. 19 9:18 a.m. 6:31 p.m.  
    Mar. 20 7:40 a.m. 7:53 p.m.  
    Apr.11 7:26 a.m. 9:54 p.m.  

Confused Between "Phenology Data Exchange" and "Mystery Class"?
We hope this explanation will clarify any confusion between these 2
separate activities:

Phenology Data Exchange
This activity began last fall, and the spring component began in January. It is a year-long data collection project. Students collect data about seasonal changes in plants & animals. Once each month they measure the sun's shadow, photoperiod and temperatures. We post a "Data Collection Reminder" each month, 1 week before the data is to be collected. As mentioned above, one "Secret Site" is chosen each season, and clues are sent with the monthly reminder.

Mystery Class
Extends from February to May, and is a global study of how photoperiod changes around the globe with the advance of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Each week, students collect their photoperiod every Monday. On Fridays, we send the photoperiod from 10 Mystery Classes hidden around the world. In May, students are challenged to guess the location of each Mystery Class.

The Next Phenology Data Exchange Reminder Will be Posted on March 12, 1999

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