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Monarch Migration News: March 15, 2016
By Elizabeth Howard
Images and first-hand accounts reveal great destruction caused by last week's storm, but the immediate and long-term impact — on the monarchs and their habitat — remains unclear.

Impact of March 2016 on Cerro Pelon

Impact of the Storm  
As we sift through the information coming in from Mexico, key questions remain about the short and long-term effects of last week's storm:

  1. How many monarchs had already left?
  2. How low did temperatures fall — and for how long?
  3. How many of the remaining monarchs survived?
  4. What's the long-term effect on overwintering habitat?

Observations from Cerro Pelon
Ellen Sharp, who lives near Cerro Pelon and visits the sanctuary regularly, shares her concerns about the destruction she witnessed.

Observations from El Rosario
When it was safe to enter El Rosario, Estela Romero documented the storm's effects with the images below. She also recorded day-by-day descriptions of the storm's effect on her community and the sanctuaries: March 10, March 11, March 13.

Storm in Monarch Sanctuaries
Impact of the Storm
Isabel Ramirez

Storm struck monarch sanctuaries in Mexico
Cerro Pelon
Ellen Sharp

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