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Monarch Migration Update: May 9, 2013
Please Report
Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Surprise sightings in the east raise questions, while the slow migration continues mid-continent.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Monarch Larva Monitoring Project
Monitoring Project
Photo: MLMP
News: Eggs in the East
Surprise Sighting in New Jersey
She never saw a monarch, but teacher Linda Flynn discovered nearly 50 eggs between May 3rd and 6th:

"I was stunned! Not a single monarch sighting, and my 85 students are watching too!"

Surprise Sighting in Michigan
Have you seen the dot on the map in Michigan? An expert observer reported a monarch in Grand Rapids on May 1st. It's not uncommon at this time of year to see a single 'flier' like this, miles ahead of the migration. However, there could be another explanation.

East Way Ahead
Migration in the east continues to outpace the mid-continent. This pattern raises interesting questions about the origin of monarchs in the east. Will these eastern sightings lead to a new discovery about migration?

Mid-Continent Migration
Very few sightings were reported during the past week. The combination of a small population and cool temperatures continues to impact this spring's migration. The monarch life cycle is slowed by the cold, and last week's temperatures were 3-5˚F cooler than normal. The next generation may be taking longer to develop, especially in northern Texas and beyond.

Monarch Butterfly eggs in New Jersey
Eggs in New Jersey!
Image: Linda Flynn
East Way Ahead: Monarch Migration Map as of May 9, 2013
East Way Ahead
Monarch Butterfly Development Time: Life Cycle Timing
Slows When Cold
Spotlight: Monarch Larva Monitoring Project
Your backyard can be a study site for learning about the monarch population. The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP) is a citizen science project for volunteers in the United States and Canada. View the new video series to learn how you can help:


Introduction by Dr. Karen Oberhauser

The Migration: Maps and Journal
  • Please report your monarch and milkweed sightings.
Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2013 Worksheet: Journal Page
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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