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Making Discoveries and Inspiring Others
Grayslake, Illinois
Fourth graders at St. Gilbert's school celebrated their year-long monarch project by producing a video to share.

"We are very proud of our story and hope others will see it and become as excited about the monarch as we are."
Mary Fink, St. Gibert's 4th grade teacher, Grayslake, Illinois

When my fourth grade students accepted a challenge to learn all about monarch butterflies, they didn't realize what a wonderful experience awaited them. As soon as the tiny caterpillars arrived they were totally taken in. Every morning they would rush in to check on what was happening. When the caterpillars were ready to pupate, and again when they were ready to emerge as butterflies, a close eye was kept on their tent home. The excitement was high when everyone crowded around to watch these amazing processes.

The comments I heard told me that this was something the children would never forget. The students learned so much about monarchs' life cycle, watching first hand every minute detail of the development. They came to appreciate these creatures and also to understand their importance. They learned about the dangers to the monarchs' existence and committed to help them survive. As they watched their butterflies fly away after tagging them for release, it was a happy and sad farewell. Our photo story says it all. We want to share it with you.

Mary Fink
4th Grade Teacher

Students at St. Gilbert School

4th graders

Students at St. Gilbert School
Students at St. Gilbert School
Students at St. Gilbert School
Students at St. Gilbert School
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