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Observers' Comments
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Here are some of the 200 recent monarch butterfly sightings reports. As a pre-writing warm-up, underline descriptive words and phrases from the observers' comments. Then write a free verse poem.

  • While working in the school prairie a female monarch coasted past looking for milkweed to lay her eggs.
  • A faded Monarch drifted by. The winds were strong and it rode a wind current that carried it out over the meadow.
  • Saw my first monarch flitting through my yard.
  • I have swamp milkweed and regular milkweed starting to sprout and saw my first monarch today--hooray!
  • This rainy morning it flew by 50 students here at the PWLC
  • First Monarch seen this season! WAIT!! I want to tell them....the milkweed's NOT even poking up yet!
  • I checked the milkweed and found eggs, lots of eggs. Have not seen a monarch yet in my garden.
  • I saw my first monarch of the year while delivering mail on my mail route today.
  • 4th graders saw a Monarch on the playground at recess today.
  • We were walking down to the park and I saw a monarch butterfly sitting on a purple flower. Later, I saw another one feeding on a dandelion.
  • Saw my first monarch flitting through the RV sites today! Was surprised that it wasn't interested in the milkweed up by the office that was preparing to bloom--it was more interested in the trees...
  • Saw the Monarch in the field in my backyard.
  • Found 68 eggs at 2 sites We saw our first Monarch in the afternoon on a cloudy day in the low 60's. Large and strong flyer - swooped over my head while I was in my flower bed.
  • We were outside today planting our sunflower garden when we saw two Monarch butterflies flittering through our yard!
  • One lone monarch butterfly glided and fluttered by me on the North Lookout, which is about 1,500 feet high.
  • I spotted 3 beautiful monarchs, all in flight and as they fed on the nectar of dandelions on the edge of our prairie.
  • Female monarch. Looking to lay eggs on the milkweeds.