Pre-Migration News: July 15, 2011
Please Report
Your Sightings!

Dear Friends,
In just two weeks we'll open our database to collect your "fall" observations, and we'll change our name to Journey South for the season. We hope you'll join us as we track the monarch migration to Mexico!

Here is some pre-migration news:

1) Seeing Many Monarchs Now?
How does this year's breeding season compare to what you've seen in past years? Please share your observations:

2) Special Request for Southern Observers
If you live in a region where monarchs disappear during the hot summer months, please be ready to report the date of your first monarch sighting. Scientists want to understand more about monarch movements in late summer. Where do the monarchs come from that typically reappear in the south at this time of year?

3) Just One Month Until Fall Migration!
The first signs of fall migration are typically reported by August 15th when the first clusters of roosting monarchs appear in the north. Exactly one month from today, monarchs in the north will be in diapause when they emerge as adults. Because it's hard to know whether a monarch you see in August is migrating or not, we will again collect ALL monarch sightings this fall. Please get ready to report regularly. See maps below.

See you in August!

Elizabeth Howard
Director, Journey North

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map: Other Observations, Fall 2011

Seeing Monarchs Now?

Report summer sightings to: "Other Monarch Observations"

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Preview: Fall Migration Maps
Monarch Butterfly Migration Map: All Sightings, Fall 2011
Monarch Butterfly Migration Map: Fall Roosts, Fall 2011

All Fall Sightings

Fall Roosts
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PEAK Migration

The first FALL Monarch Migration Update will be posted on August 25, 2011.