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President of Mexico Visits Angangueo

February 15, 2010

Helicopters carrying President Calderón and his entourage landed in this small mountain town on Monday in a show of support and sympathy for the people whose lives were devastated by the February 5th flood.

The president knows many people lost their jobs as well as their homes and life possessions, so he promised strong economic support from the government even after the clean-up.

Calderon praised Angangueo as a beautiful historic town that must live on as an important destination for tourists. He said he would work to designate Angangueo as a "Puebla Magica" ("Magic Town"), a prized distinction which town residents had been seeking before the flood. With leadership and support from the president, the town could be restored as a national treasure.

"I come to confirm the Federal Government's committment to Angangueo and all the Michoacanos that have undergone this destruction. Not only to clean to the streets and the houses, but also to try to find new economic activity for Angangueo."
Presidente Felipe Calderón

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