Monarch Migration Update: May 14, 2009
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Photo by Bud Hensley

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The Migration: Highlights, Maps, and Questions



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Where are people in the U.S. watching for monarchs?

Migration Highlights

The Slowest Week of the Season!
The migration virtually came to a standstill during the past week. Look at the animated migration map and see how little things have changed!

Wisconsin stands out this week as the state with the most excitement. Early-bird butterflies appeared there in three places. Among them was our now-northernmost monarch at latitude 45 north. It was spotted by the kids at Lien Elementary in Amery, WI:

"We were going on a walk as a class in our school forest. Our friends in Mrs. Hahn's class were with us too. We saw one monarch butterfly flying through the air. We waited until it landed so we could look carefully to see if it was a REAL MONARCH butterfly."

  • Get ready for a big surge in numbers. We predict this spring's new generation will begin to appear in full force during the next week.
  • Add 2 new U.S. states to your Prediction Chart, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Slowest Week of the Season
Look how little the migration changed during the past week!



Slideshow: Can a Milkweed Plant Grow Fast Enough to Feed the Hungry Larvae? >>

Week after week this spring, people have watched monarchs lay eggs on tiny milkweed plants. We wonder: What will happen when the eggs hatch? Can a milkweed plant grow fast enough to feed the hungry larvae?

Mrs. Marcy Cunkleman in Pennsylvania found out. While waiting for the eggs to hatch she visited her garden, measured the milkweed, and took pictures.

Photo by Marcy Cunkleman

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