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Angangueo Monitoring Monarchs

October 27, 2013

Dear Friends,
We are now only tumbling our fingers around knowing that at any moment the first Monarchs will appear. This is just a matter of days, if not hours!  

The weather is typical for late October, with very sunny days, some scarce and separate rains in the afternoons.   This weekend we have been "combing" the area making different observations and stopping mainly at two different key points:  

The first, at the entrance of Arroyo Hondo, one of the probable places where Monarchs might settle and form a colony besides the Chincua Sanctuary.  

From there, we drove across Angangueo and checked all along the river which streams down from "El Rosario" area, where the other Sanctuary is. This is a key point to see Monarchs on their way to their final destination when they arrive to Angangueo, since the river is their way upwards along which they drink water right after their arrival to Sanctuary "El Rosario." The raining season has been so abundant this year, that it would be very interesting to see how Monarchs will dare to stop at the fierce water current at our rivers now.

Not a Monarch yet....  

After such an exhaustive expedition again today, we finished at the Romero Family's home hungry, thirsty and begging for a good breakfast. While Erika and Rosa Isela hurried to buy some tortillas at the market, and José Alberto and Javier prepared some Lemon-Guayaba water, Estela scrambled half a kilo of eggs and prepared some hot chocolate. Very spice vinegar-super-hot-chilies should accompany our delicious soft tacos with just-baked Tortillas! 

"Buen provecho!" we said to each other not able to even mumble an additional word to each other for the next minutes!  

In the afternoon, we met again for a next, but very short tour. This time a very nice friend, known boy, Aldo Aguilar, was also going towards "El Cerrito" where he and his family live. He pointed to us to his home area, and responded to our questions saying:  

"Estelita, they should take not long to arrive. I should pass by your family's store on the way to school and tell you the moment I see the first ones arriving!" he promised.  

If we don't stop thumbling our fingers around this way, we will loosen them from our own hands!!! Monarchs must be somewhere approaching our mountains already!!!

Until then,

Estela Romero
Local Reporter
Angangueo, Michocán, México.

Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico Map: Location of monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico
Located in the mountains near the two largest monarch sanctuaries.
Monarch Wintering Sites
The region in central México where monarchs overwinter.
Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico
No monarchs yet!
Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico
Checking near streams
Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico
Aldo offers to help
Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico
Buen provecho!