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Hello From Angangueo!

October 3, 2013

Dear Friends,

Hello from Mexico! My family and I welcome you to our region, and, camera at hand, are ready to announce the Monarchs' arrival to their final destination, after the long Journey South comes to its end!

It has been seven months since the monarchs left our region, located in one of the highest mountain-chains in Central México on the border line between the states of México and Michoacán. It is now October and we all people in Angangueo are in the countdown for the butterflies' arrival.

Monarchs arrive every year a few weeks after the raining season has ended. This year, we have had far more intensive rain than the last 20 years all over México; this means that Angangueo is by now, double as wet as in former years. Our rivers carry abundant water and one very particular signal of high humidity is that the selling of mushrooms is abundant too. In big cities in our country mushrooms are considered to be an exotic and expensive dish, whereas we see them commonly and can buy them very cheaply!

You'll notice the red, green and white flags decorating our streets. These are the colors of our national flag. We have just celebrated this past 15 September the 203rd anniversary of our National Independence from the Empire of Spain.

While the monarchs are away, life in town is quieter than desired and financially rather limited. Now that the countdown for their arrival is underway, expectations awaken among us. Most people in the region make an extra living during the five months the monarchs overwinter in our forests and tourists come to visit.

Children in our community schools should be now looking at the calendar eager to receive your letters and symbolic Monarchs. Please hurry up decorating them, since the brighter and more attractive they are, the wider their eyes will open!

Until next week, many, many heartful greetings.

Your local reporter,
Estela Romero
Angangueo, Michocán, México.

Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico Map: Location of monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico
Located in the mountains near the two largest monarch sanctuaries.
Monarch Wintering Sites
The region in central México where monarchs overwinter.
Estela Romero welcome

Estela Romero
"El Rosario" overwintering site is located in these mountains.

Estela Romero welcome

The Romero Family

Estela Romero welcome

Life in town too quiet off-Season.

Estela Romero welcome

Mushrooms for Sale
Selling fungus has been particularly abundant this year.

Estela Romero welcome
Chincua Sanctuary
"Chincua" overwintering site is located in these mountains.