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A Texas Roost
So far, the largest roost for Texas was reported on the night of October 6th:

"At 22:00 I found about 100 monarchs in small roosts, plus a few more roosts of 1 to 5 individuals. In this image, there are 47 monarchs on the underside of the canopy of a large Ashe Juniper." Gregg Lee, Chalk Mountain, Texas

Compared to previous years, the number of roosting monarchs reported to date is down. Scientists are looking for possible correlations with overwintering data.

Roosts reported as of Oct. 8
Correlation with overwintering data?
  # butterflies
in roosts
# acres
in Mexico
2011 59,338 7.14
2012 9,130 2.94
2013 6,880 ?

Monarch Butterfly Roost in Texas during fall migration