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Angangueo Ready to Host Monarchs!

September 29, 2011

Dear Friends:

Hello from Mexico! My family and I live in the mountain region of central México where monarchs overwinter every year. Our village is rather small, colorful, and full of traditions.

Right now, we are eagerly watching for the monarchs' to arrive. I will be announcing the big news to you in only a few weeks. Meanwhile, I will share stories about our life, culture and traditions from our hometown.

When your Symbolic Butterflies arrive this fall, I will distribute them to our children in the regional towns and communities. They are waiting to hear from you once again this year!

As your local reporter, I send a warm welcome to you all.

Until next week,

Estela Romero,
Angangueo, Michoacán.

P.S: Last Friday was the equinox. Here in central México we had 12 hours and 6 minutes daylight. The official sunrise was at 7:25 and the sunset at 7:31 p.m.


Estela, with her mother Lolita, and daughter Emilia.

The Romero Family

Emilia Romero having breakfast before school.

Emilia having breakfast on a school morning. Monarchs arrive in the fall after we have started school for the year.

Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico

Angangueo is in the mountains, near the largest monarch sanctuaries.

Map: Location of monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico

The mountain region of central México where monarchs overwinter every year.

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