Monarch Migration News November 4, 2008    Name _________________ 

Predict: How Many Monarchs in Mexico This Winter?

This chart shows the size of the monarch population in Mexico each winter since 1994/1995. Because the monarchs gather in trees in large clusters, the scientists can measure the surface area the monarchs cover. Each year, the scientists visit the monarch's twelve major wintering sites in Mexico and find the total surface area the population covers. The units are given in hectares. (One hectare equals 2.47 acres.)

Predict: Do you think this winter's population in Mexico will be larger or smaller than last winter's? Give reasons for your prediction.

Predict: Exactly how large do you predict this winter's population will be? Give your answer in "hectares."  

Challenge: What questions will scientists be asking as they wait for this season's measurements? Work with a partner to write possible questions on the back of this sheet. What questions do you have? Add them to the list!