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Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
Elizabeth Howard
Spring: January — June 2015

March 26, 2015
Here come the monarchs! Migration began with a mass exodus on Tuesday. The northbound butterflies carry the seeds of the next generation.

Monarch Butterflies
Estela Romero
March 19, 2015
Weather delays! Cold temperatures are holding the monarchs back. We're still waiting for the mass exodus from Mexico and first arrivals in Texas.
Monarch Butterflies
Estela Romero
March 12, 2015
Mating is at its peak as the monarchs get ready to head north to the breeding grounds. Mass departure is imminent.
Monarch Butterflies
Don Davis
March 5, 2015
Activity is reaching fever pitch. Within the month monarchs will vacate their winter haunt and begin the recolonization of North America.
Monarch Butterflies
Estela Romero
February 26, 2015
There's a flurry of activity now as thirsty monarchs break out of their clusters in search of water.
Monarch Butterfly in Mexico
Estela Romero

February 19, 2015
Spring is approaching for monarchs in Mexico, but last week's hail storm proved that winter's not over yet.

Monarch Butterfly in Mexico
Dr. Lincoln Brower

February 12, 2015
The monarch's winter home in Mexico is surprisingly cold. Temperatures often fall to freezing! Why do monarchs migrate to such a cold place?

Monarch Butterflies Nectaring
Randy Klauk

February 9, 2015
The U.S. government announced a $3.2 million initiative for monarch conservation.

Monarch Butterflies February 5, 2015
Monarchs from across the continent are now clustered by the millions in a small region of Mexico. This year, half of the monarchs are concentrated in only one of the 12 overwintering sites.
Monarch Butterflies January 27, 2015
Monarch population count from Mexico: Numbers remain 80% below historic levels.
Monarch Butterflies January 1, 2015
The wintering season in Mexico is underway. Scientists will measure the population in December and announce the results by March. Will the monarchs have increased from last year's record low?
Monarch sanctuary region of Mexico
Elizabeth Howard

Overview: On February 5, 2015 our season begins with news from the monarch overwintering sites in central Mexico. Monarchs leave their winter sanctuaries in March and the journey north begins. Get ready to report your sightings and track the migration on real-time maps.

Monarch Butterfly laying egg on milkweed
Frank Matheson

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