Mystery Class Sunlight Challenge: Week #8
March 17, 2017 by Julie Brophy

It's time for the first set of Continent, Country, and City clues. Week by week, these clues reveal fun facts to help you progressively narrow your search.

View from Space

Week #8: Continent Clues

Mystery Class #4 asked: "Does this picture remind you of autumn leaves? That's what Astronaut Scott Kelly thought when he snapped this photo of Earth from space and tweeted 'Happy #FirstDayofFall' -- a perfect seasonal description for part of our continent in just a few days."


Photoperiod Clues from the Mystery Sites

Continent, Country, City Clues

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map

Compare Your Photoperiod

Report Photoperiod

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map


Journal: Patterns and Predictions

Graph this week's photoperiod data and then revisit your prediction graph from Week #6. Explore patterns and rates of change. Make new predictions!

Journal #8
Next Update March 24, 2017