Welcome to Mystery Class 2017
January 27, 2017 by Julie Brophy

Can you find the ten secret sites by tracking changes in sunlight?

Sunlight, Students and Long Shadows
Week #1: The Search Begins

Here's a clue from one of the secret sites:

There are ten Mystery Classes all waiting to be found.
The shadows of our class are shown on the ground.
Long shadows on our sundial and it's just before noon.
But the changing of seasons brings us short shadows soon.
So first track the sun and then follow the clues.
Take the challenge to find us. You've got nothing to lose.


Photoperiod Clues from the Mystery Sites


Mystery Class Photoperiod Map

Compare Your Photoperiod

Report Photoperiod

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map


Journal: Comparing Photoperiods

Look at your local photoperiod data and think about where you are on the globe. Choose data from one of the Mystery Classes to compare to your own.

Journal #1


Explore: Comparing Shadows

Why do shadows change from season to season? How do shadows change at your latitude?

Sun Simulator


Resources for Educators

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