Countdown to Mystery Class: One Month to Go!
It's time to ring in a new year:

Mystery Class begins January 31, 2014!


Image of the Month

A New Year
How Can I Prepare Students? Track Changes in Day Length

Photoperiod is a central clue in Mystery Class. Build skills by reporting your photoperiod each month.

Report photoperiod for January 1, 2014.

Report to the Map!

1. Report for January 1

2. Find your sunrise/sunset: Look-up

3. Calculate your day length (photoperiod).

4. Report your day length: Select "Daylight"

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map Photoperiod Map: Dates to Report Photoperiod Map: Guiding Questions
Map Dates to Report Guiding Questions
for Map Analysis
Spotight: Reflecting Winter's Light

A small town in Norway lies in a deep valley, and during the six months of winter, its steep mountains cast a shadow over the town even at midday. From late November to late January, the sun never appears above the horizon in this northern part of the world, and daylight hours are very short. Warm up your research skills to discover how winter rays of sunlight now shine down on Rjukan's town square.


Rjukan, Norway
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