How Contest Entries Were Judged

We judged the contest entries to determine which entries had the most "correct" answers in each grade level.

1) Our first step was to separate the entries by grade level. (If the entry came from a mixed-grade classroom, we ranked the class according to the highest grade in the class.)

2) Our next step was to carefully review each entry to determine how many "correct" answers there were. As stated on the Checklist, to be a "correct" answer, the answer needed to provide both:

a) The correct CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE (or correct place/facility name if a true city or town is not involved.)


The correct COUNTRY (or correct continent or region if a true country is not involved).


Don't See your Class?

If you expected your class to be included among the list of entries with "All 10 Correct" please ask yourself this question:

"Did each of my answers give BOTH
the correct CITY and COUNTRY?"

Then, read the Special Notes below about how we judged specific Mystery Class sites this year.

2013 Judging Notes

For MC #4 (Mapou, Mauritius), in addition to Mapou for the city, we also accepted Labourdonnais Village, which is located within Mapou. If you listed other locations for the city, those are not correct because the clues did lead specifically to Mapou.

For MC #5 (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain), the correct city is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Las Palmas.

For MC #6 (Palmer Station, Antarctica), this location has no city, and no country because it is in Antarctica. In place of the city your answer needed to refer to the specific place Palmer Station or Anvers Island, because the clues did lead to that specific site. Listing another Antarctic research base at a different location (like Casey or Rothera) is not correct. In place of country, in addition to Antarctica, we also accepted references to the specific region of Antarctica where this Palmer facility is located, or to the United States because of Palmer Station's United States nationality, so long as Palmer Station or Anvers Island were identified in the answer.

For MC #7 (Hong Kong, China), the correct city needed you to answer Hong Kong or one of its included suburbs like Repulse Bay or Kowloon; the correct country was China or Peoples Republic of China (Hong Kong is not a country, instead it is regarded either as a city or a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China.)

For MC #8 (Antananarivo, Madagascar), the correct city is Antananarivo, or Tana.

For MC #9 (Aberdeen, United Kingdom), the correct city is Aberdeen. For the country, in addition to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we also accepted U.K., Great Britain or Scotland.

Note: If you still feel your answer should have been listed, don't be alarmed, we will look into it for you. Just send questions to our feedback form. (Include the name, e-mail address, school, grade etc... that you included on your Contest Form.)