Interdisciplinary Clues
for MC #5
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March 22, 2013

"Our Mystery Class is not located 'on' a continent. The continent which is closest to us is not the one that our country is located on."

March 29, 2013

"In our country, potatoes are one of the main staples of the diet; and Spanish is spoken as an official language."

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April 5, 2013

"Our part of the country is an archipelago with an avian-sounding name that's canine in origin. One of our islands has an ancient language that sounds musical, but it actually has vowels and consonants that help communicate across difficult volcanic terrain."

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Volcanic terrain audio
April 12, 2013
"Our city is one of the two capital cities of the archipelago. But you won't find our city on the largest island of the archipelago (in area), nor on the island with the largest population. There's talk of making the old center of our city into a world heritage site."