Interdisciplinary Clues
for April 12, 2013
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Mystery Class #1

"Unlike a similarly-named city across the pond, no British accents are heard here. This city landmark is named after a Roman god, not an officer of the Starship Enterprise. It is made from local metal."

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Mystery Class #2

"Our city is a major business center. It's also a very large seaport where our teacher's husband works -- that's sugar being exported in this photo. Our city is a place of peace, and more people live here than in any other city in our country."

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Sugar being exporting
Mystery Class #3

"Located on the shore, our city is the largest in the nation. It is also the national capital."

Mystery Class #4

"In addition to having several international schools, our town is known for an historic Château that is a major tourist attraction. The Château was built in the 1850's and offers tours of the home, the gardens, and the distillery."


Mystery Class #5

"Our city is one of the two capital cities of the archipelago. But you won't find our city on the largest island of the archipelago (in area), nor on the island with the largest population. There's talk of making the old center of our city into a world heritage site."

Mystery Class #6

"Ours is the smallest and least southern of the three year-round stations operated by our country on this continent. We're near the peninsula, and you'll find us on an island discovered in the 1830's and named for a place in Europe."

Mystery Class #7

"In the late 1990s, after more than a century, the British returned our location to our current nation. We're a very unique place, and some view us as a city and while others as a special region. But all agree we have a very high population density, with many million people living in a very small area. Our bills are colorful but no one cent or five cent coins are used here."

Mystery Class #8

"Our city is on a high plateau, at an elevation of about 4000 feet or 1200 meters. It is among the most populated cities in our country."

Mystery Class #9

"This photo might shed more light on our location. We snapped it last June because the sun was still up at 22:30! And the sparkle of sunlight off locally-quarried stone in many city buildings has led some to describe our city with words like silver, grey or granite."

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Students' feet on beach
Mystery Class #10

"Our city was one of twelve in our country to host the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The city currently hosts thousands of people associated with a North Atlantic alliance of countries. A historic symbol of our city is a fish on a red and white shield."