Interdisciplinary Clues
for April 5, 2013
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Mystery Class # 1

"In our state, it would be incorrect to say 'it's not rocket science', because we're all about aerospace here! And our state is said to be one of the first places in our hemisphere where open heart surgery was performed, more than 100 years ago."


Mystery Class #2

"Our country is divided into 'regions', and ours is on the coast. We took a field trip to a city in an adjacent region, one that is part of a proposed world heritage site because the city was a place to which slaves from this continent were brought."

Mystery Class #3

"Our area of the country has the majority of the population, yet it's the area with the smallest constituencies."

Mystery Class # 4

"A very old botanical garden is found in a nearby area of our country. The garden covers so many acres that it could take a visitor a week to see it all."

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Image: Wikipedia)


Botanical garden
Mystery Class # 5

"Our part of the country is an archipelago with an avian-sounding name that's canine in origin. One of our islands has an ancient language that sounds musical, but it actually has vowels and consonants that help communicate across difficult volcanic terrain."

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Volcanic terrain audio
Mystery Class #6

"We're among the places found toward the northern reaches of this continent, where the climate is relatively milder than the rest of the continent."


Mystery Class #7

"Our region of the country is comprised of many islands, and is so densely populated that public transportation is a must. You can take a ferry, taxi, subway or even a double decker tram like this one in the photo. The language you hear spoken most often here is not the language you will hear most often across our country as a whole."

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Mystery Class #8

"Five other regions border our region of the country. Ours is one of the most-populated regions in the country."

Mystery Class #9

"In fall, many with gather for a large, traditional athletic event that has taken place in a neighboring council area for centuries. The traditional events involve tugging, putting, throwing, dancing and even tossing (as shown in this photo taken at a different location). A monarch is usually seen at the games."

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Wiki Commons/J. Perry)

Mystery Class #10

"Our state shares borders with three countries. A very large sausage and wine festival is held in this state -- and it's a barrel of fun!"