Interdisciplinary Clues
for March 22, 2013
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Mystery Class #1

"We are found on a continent which is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere, and has one of the world's largest freshwater lakes (measured in area). Some of the languages commonly spoken on the continent are Spanish, English and French."

Mystery Class #2

"The equator and the prime meridian do not intersect on our continent, but both do pass through our continent. Over 50 countries call this continent home."

Mystery Class #3

"This mammal is found across the biome that includes our island. We see its fur change color with the seasons here, an important adaptation for a circumpolar species like this."

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Mystery Class #4

"One of the Tropics runs through our region of the world."


Mystery Class #5

"Our Mystery Class is not located 'on' a continent. The continent which is closest to us is not the one that our country is located on."

Mystery Class #6

"An ocean current flows clockwise around the entire land mass of our continent."


Mystery Class #7

"In our region of the world, lanterns aren't only for festivals; they are also used in the name of this type of cool bug."

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Mystery Class #8

"The ocean in our world region is bordered by three continents and another ocean."

Mystery Class #9

"Many centuries ago, fortified walls were built across our island."

Mystery Class #10

"Last century, a popular toy consisting of colorful, plastic interlocking bricks was invented in one of our continent's countries."

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WikiCommons: A. Chia)