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On the Equator!

The equator is an imaginary horizontal line. It encircles the Earth like a belt. The equator marks the mid-point between the North and South Poles. The latitude of the equator is zero degrees.

When ships cross the equator, Neptune celebration certificates are issued.This certificate shows a ship crossing the equator near Chisimayu, Somalia, shown on the map with a red star.

Looking for Clues?
Chisimayu, Somalia is not a Mystery Class site. However, you can find its photoperiod and compare it to others for clues.

Sunrise/Sunset Times
February 4, 2013
Place Sunrise Sunset
Chisimayu, Somalia
xx:xx xx:xx

Using this information:

  • Can you tell which Mystery Classes are north and south of the equator?
  • Which site is closest to the equator?

Equator map
Photo: Wikipedia Commons.
The Equator
divides the Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Certificate of crossing
Equator crossing certificate