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Mystery Class Update: April 27, 2012

It's getting down to the wire! Midnight Friday is the contest deadline. As you wait for next week's "Big Reveal", pick up your Certificate now and celebrate a job well done. Did Mystery Class change how you see the world?

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week

Image of the Week
Photo: NASA (Julie, Palm Crest Elem)
Did Mystery Class change how you see Earth
and the seasons?
Journal: Reflecting on Data and Concepts

Did your search for Mystery Classes change how you see the world? Show your view, and describe your "Aha!" moment. What new questions, mysteries, and surprises did you discover?


Journal #13
Journal Page
Week #13
What's Next? Calendar, Contest, Certificate
What's next calendar
Mystery Class Certificate
Teachers: Other Helpful Resources
Annual Evaluation Please Share Your Thoughts

Will you take a few minutes to complete our Year-end Evaluation? With your help, we can document Journey North's reach, impact and value. We need comments like yours to keep the program going and growing.

Annual Evaluation
The Next Mystery Class Update will be posted May 4th.
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