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Mystery Class Update: March 16, 2012

This week, narrow your search by estimating the approximate longitude of the Mystery Classes with the Longitude Clues! Put the sites in order from east to west. Then join in a "rap" up of longitude with a music video from one of the secret sites.

This Week's Update Includes:

Video of the Week

Video Who digs that
Prime Meridian?

Clues: Sunrise/Sunset Data for Week #7

Mystery site data:

Local data:

  • Look up your data for March 12.
  • Report data (select "daylight", enter 03/12/12).
  • View data on photoperiod map.


Mystery Class: A study of sunlight and the seasons

Mystery Class
Photoperiod Map

Longitude Clues

Student Materials:
For locating each Mystery Class, students will need:

  • Longitude Clues: Sunrise on the Equinox Table.
  • Longitude Clues Worksheet: step-by-step guide for using data to estimate longitude.
  • Sample Worksheets (see below): completed sheets used for reference (optional).
  • World Map: for plotting the east/west locations of Mystery Class sites.

Teacher Tips:

Sunrise on the Equinox Table
Sunrise on the Equinox
Longitude Clues
Quick Links: Longitude Clues at a Glance
Longitude Clues Worksheet

Sunrise on the Equinox
View this animation as you work on the Longitude Clues.


Longitude Clues Worksheet
Longitude Clues Worksheet
Longitude Clues Worksheet
Worksheet Sample A
(West of Greenwich)
Worksheet Sample B
(East of Greenwich)
Worksheet Sample C
(Farther east of Greenwich)
The Next Mystery Class Update will be posted March 23rd.
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