Mystery Class Update: March 2, 2012

It's time to zero in on the line that separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. This week, learn more about longitude lines to prepare for special clues coming March 16th.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week

National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum
Who Am I?

Clues: Sunrise/Sunset Data for Week #5

Mystery site data:

Local data:

  • Look up your data for February 27.
  • Report data (select "daylight", enter 02/27/12).
  • View data on photoperiod map.


Mystery Class: A study of sunlight and the seasons

Mystery Class
Photoperiod Map

Connect: Share Fun Facts

Locate the Prime Meridian and Greenwich, England. The next time you report:

  • Share answers to these questions about your location:
    • How far east or west of the Prime Meridian do you live (in degrees)?
    • What is your time difference from Greenwich (in hours and minutes)?

  • View reports from other locations on the map or list.
Journal: Reflecting on Data and Concepts

How are latitude and longitude alike and different? Use related words to write fact sentences in a Venn diagram below.


Journal #5
Journal Page
Week #5
Teachers: Preparing for Longitude Clues

This month, as the spring equinox approaches, use this packet to prepare for the Longitude Clues, which help students estimate where Mystery Classes are located east and west of the Prime Meridian.

  • Resources to Explore:

World Clocks
Universal Time

Exploring Latitude Clues
Practice Packet #2
The Next Mystery Class Update will be posted March 9th.