Mystery Class Update: February 24, 2012

Why are clocks around the world set at different times? This week, explore questions about time to get ready for special clues coming in mid-March.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week

Photo: Tourneau
What Time is It?

Clues: Sunrise/Sunset Data for Week #4

Mystery site data:

Local data:

  • Look up your data for February 20.
  • Report data (select "daylight", enter 02/20/12).
  • View data on photoperiod map.


Mystery Class: A study of sunlight and the seasons

Mystery Class
Photoperiod Map

Activity: When is Your Birthday?
Why does the date of your birthday depend on the time and place you were born?


Birthday hat
Connect: Share Facts about Birthdays

The next time you report:

  • Share a Survey Result -- Which month has the most birthdays in your family or classroom? Conduct a survey and share your results.
  • View survey results others have reported on map or list.


Journal: Reflecting on Data and Concepts

It's time to ask questions! Why are there 24 hours in a day? Why is the world divided into time zones? When you think about time, what questions come to mind? Use these time-related acronyms and sample questions to spark your thinking.


Journal Page #4
Journal Page
Week #4
The Next Mystery Class Update will be posted March 2nd.