Mystery Class Update: February 3, 2012

Welcome to Journey North's global game of hide-and-seek! Somewhere under the sun there are 10 Mystery Classes waiting to be found. Start with today's postcard, then see what the first set of sunrise/sunset data reveals.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week

Clues: Sunrise/Sunset Data for Week #1

Mystery site data:

Local data:

  • Look up your data for January 30.
  • Report data (select "daylight", enter 01/30/12).
  • View data on photoperiod map.



Mystery Class: A study of sunlight and the seasons

Mystery Class
Photoperiod Map

Connect: This Week's Topic

When you report to the map this week:

  • Introduce yourselves! Tell us something interesting about your town, and post a snapshot of what you are seeing outside your school window.


Journal: Reflecting on Data and Concepts

Thinking about this week's data:
Look at your photoperiod data and think about where you are on the globe. Then choose another location from the Photoperiod Map to compare.



Journal #1
Journal Page
Week #1
Modifications: Contact Us

How can you modify the search for Mystery Classes in order to meet the needs of your students? Which sites will younger students be most likely to find? Would using fewer sites be more manageable? Which sites may present more of a challenge? We can provide recommendations.

The Next Mystery Class Update will be posted February 10th.