Mystery Class Update: February 19, 2010

With three weeks of sunrise/sunset data, what patterns do you see? How can these patterns of change reveal clues about which Mystery Classes are north or south of where you live? This week we're challenging you to a game we call "Locate the Spot." Try it!

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week

Clues: This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Data
Here are your clues for Week #3:

Photo of sunset over ocean

Journal: Reflecting on Data and Concepts

How do the data and graph lines show you which Mystery Class sites are north and south of the equator? How do they show you which sites are north and south of your location?

Journal Page
Week #3
Activity: Exploring our Global Grid System

Now that you've described the location of a spot on a flat surface, play a game of "Locate the Spot" using a sphere!

How does a grid system work on a globe? Find an orange, grapefruit, styrofoam ball, or another spherical object and mark a spot on its surface. Find a partner and try to describe where the spot is located. Next, use a non-toxic marker to draw horizontal and vertical lines to create a grid system on your sphere.

  • Use the Guiding Questions page to help you get started and to think about how latitude and longitude lines are used on a globe.

Play "Locate the Spot" using a sphere!

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The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted February 26.