Mystery Class Update: May 1, 2009

Today's Reminder Includes:

Entering the Contest?
Answers Due Today!
Answers must be received by the end of today, Friday, May 1 >>
All Data & Clues: Plus Final Questions and Journal
Journal Cover

All Sunrise/Sunset Data
and Clues >>

Final Journal Page
(Week #13)
Mystery Class Journal
(My Investigation)
You're the Expert: What Advice Can You Give?

With all your experience searching for the Mystery Classes, do you have any suggestions for next year's Mystery Class newcomers? What advice would you give to help a first timer?

Use today's Journal Page to write a letter to next year's Mystery Class participants -- share some of your international investigator skills with the next generation!

Achievement: New Mystery Class Certificate!
As you wait for the
Big Reveal, why not recognize your achievement?


JN CertificateDownload Your
Mystery Class Certificate >>

Celebrate all of your hard work during the hunt for the Mystery Classes -- well done!
Advice from Teachers: "Right or wrong, it is the learning that counts!"


Around the time when the secret locations are disclosed, some teachers hold events to recognize and celebrate the students' hard work and learning. Ms. Barb DeSantis from New Jersey holds a celebration for students that's fun and quite revealing.

Drop in and plan your own festivities! >>

Now Playing: Watch the Excitement

Now that you have compiled and defended your answers, the wait is almost over.

When the secret locations are finally revealed next week, a lot of classrooms will be standing ready, just waiting for the news.

Will your classroom look like this one?

Excited students

Top Secret: Thanks to Who?

Thank you secret mystery sites! In one short week, everyone will finally know where you are. We can't wait to finally meet you.

Until then, we want to send a secret but sincere "thank you" for all your hard work. We have all learned so much already -- thank you!

Top secret boxes
Stellar Service: Thank You Rod!
For many years now our astronomy expert, Rod Nerdahl, has carefully researched and provided us with standard sunrise/sunset and latitude/longitude data, and with insights about equinox egg balancing. Thanks again this year, Rod, for keeping us "on time" and "in line". "Ad astra" (to the stars) Rod!
What's Next in Mystery Class?

May 1: Today! Deadline for Your Answers

May 8: The Big Reveal! Learn where they are, and get contest results.

May 15: Introductions -- Meet and greet the Mystery Classes of 2009 with pictures, background information and more!

Year-end Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts! >>
Will you take a few minutes to complete our Year-end Evaluation? With your help, we can we document Journey North's reach, impact and value. We need comments like yours to keep the program going and growing. Thank you! >>
Whale tail
Year-end Evaluation
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The Next Mystery Class Update Will Be Posted on May 8, 2009.