Mystery Class Update: March 20, 2009

Today's Report Includes:

This Week's: Data, Questions and Journal

Sunrise/Sunset Data for
Monday March 16
Journal Page
(Week #7)
Mystery Class Journal
(My Investigation)

The Longitude Clues Have Arrived! Instructions for Teachers

1) Print ten copies of the Longitude Clues Worksheet (one for solving each Mystery Class).

2) Print ten copies of the Map (one for solving each Mystery Class).

3) Print the Equinox Sunrise Table (or display where students can see it).

4) Try an example. To help get you started, we've already completed worksheets for two of this year's Mystery Class sites (two freebies!).

  • Example One >>
  • Example Two >>

5) Note to Teachers with Younger Students
Please don't be discouraged by this set of challenging clues. The clues will be easier after this, and at the end of the Mystery Class activity, answers will be grouped for judging with others near their same grade level.

Tip: If possible, view this image of the rotating Earth as you work on the Longitude Clues Worksheets.

Longitude Clues Worksheet Map Equinox Sunrise Table


Equinox Sunrise Table


Eggsperiment! Is there Cosmic Balance on the Equinox?

Today is the vernal equinox!

But before you try to balance your eggs on this big day, reflect on the predictions and test results you have so far. What do you expect will happen? Then repeat your testing. Are your predictions accurate?

Eggs balanced on table
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More Mystery Class Lessons and Teaching Ideas!

The Next Mystery Classs Update Will Be Posted on March 27, 2009.