Journey North News: Spring 2009

Posted Fridays: Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27, Mar. 6, 13, 20, 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24 May 1, 8, 15

FINAL Mystery Class Update: May 15, 2009
Introducing the Class of 2009! Do you know which location has swimming leopards and elephants on its shores? Or which one sits on the rim of fire, or on the banks of a river? And where would you visit if you were hungry for frog cakes, or red ants, or halibut tacos, or cheese fondue? Travel around our animated globe to connect with your new "bff's". And teachers, use today's Travel Brochure activity and other resources to help assess student understanding and prepare for next year!
Spinning globe with Mystery Class locations Mystery Class Update: May 8, 2009
Mystery Solved! Watch the animated map and discover "Where in the World" the secret sites have been hiding. Plus, who had the most correct answers in the contest? Teachers don't miss the "wordle" and yearlong graph to assess what your students have learned. And be sure you come back next week to "Meet & Greet" your new friends -- they're so excited to meet you! By the way, do you have any far away friends that might want to be a secret Mystery Class for next year?
Mystery Class Certificate

Mystery Class Update: May 1, 2009
In just one week we'll reveal the secret Mystery sites! Have you submitted your contest answer? The deadline is Friday, May 1. Meanwhile, join in the celebrations that some teachers hold now, or plan you own, and don't miss the new Mystery Class Certificate. Plus, it's your turn to give advice to next year's Mystery Class novices. How will your class react when the Mystery Classes are revealed next week? Play the video to see what might happen.

Mystery Class Update: April 24, 2009
Have you solved the mystery and uncovered the secret sites? Join the fun and enter the contest! You can submit your answers until May 1. Do you remember how little you knew when you started Mystery Class? Compare that to how much you know now in today's Journal Page, and retrace your journey to discover just how far you've come.
Globe with question marks Mystery Class Update: April 17, 2009
Are you ready to solve the global investigation and uncover the ten Mystery Class locations? Use today's final clues, times and your graph to revisit and finalize your thinking, and then answer THE question: "Where in the world do you think the ten Mystery Classes are located?". Then follow the Contest Checklist when you're ready to submit your answers online. Good luck, and remember the deadline for your answers is May 1, 2009.
Students looking at Atlas
Mystery Class Update: April 10, 2009
Hungry for more clues? Try this "eggceptional" delicacy! Have you noticed that the clues are getting more specific each week? Will today's third set bring you even closer? Think back to how little you knew about each mystery site at the start of your search. Then, on today's Journal Page, retrace your steps to see how much you've discovered already. And teachers, assess your students while they defend their "Case for a Place". Finally, will you be entering the contest? Find out more in today's Update.
Thermal Map

Mystery Class Update: April 3, 2009
The second set of clues has arrived from your Mystery friends. Can a Mystery site's annual temperature range help you find its location? Study today's bonus Thermal Clue and find out! Also, do you know why Mystery Class #2's local times have shifted but its UT times have not? And what will happen on your final egg test? Be sure to revisit your predictions after your done, and let us know your findings!

Mystery Class Update: March 27, 2009
We're all smiles! The first set of clues has arrived, along with a message for you. Hungry for more? Try this bonus clue too! How much closer will the clues bring you to finding the secret locations? With the equinox behind us, can you tell how accurately you predicted your graph lines? Compare today's graph to your prediction graph, then predict again! Plus, eggsactly what did spring bring in your egg balance testing?
Earth from space on the equinox
Mystery Class Update: March 20, 2009
Today is the vernal equinox, and the Longitude Clues are here at last! What will they reveal about the location of the secret Mystery Classes? Follow today's instructions and use the handouts to get closer to solving the mystery. Will you be able to line up the secret sites from east to west? What about your eggsperiment? Will your eggs stand up on this special day? Is that what you predicted?
Earth from Space Dec 20

Mystery Class Update: March 13, 2009
What will your graph look like in two weeks? Draw a Prediction Graph then wait for things to line up. Would photoperiod be different if calculated using Universal Time? Try it for yourself. Is sunlight striking the Earth differently as seasons change? Compare two images for the inside "angle". Do you notice anything unexpected at MC #5 and #10 since last week? And teachers, don't miss the important Quick Links about next week's Longitude Clues.

clock Mystery Class Update: March 6, 2009
How much do you really know about the location of the Mystery Classes? Can you estimate their latitudes? Can you put them in a north to south order? And what about their longitude, what have you uncovered about that? Can time keeping help you estimate a place's longitude? It's "time" to start thinking about that, so try using world clocks in your classroom to get started. And don't miss the "eggsperiment" to see whether March 20 brings special forces that make an egg stand on end.
drawing of phone ringing

Mystery Class Update: February 27, 2009
Today’s Update brings the fourth week of sunrise/sunset data. How much do you know so far about the latitude of secret Mystery sites? Which are north of you? Which are south? Can you see any connection between photoperiod and latitude? Also, it's time to make an international call, Skype or iChat! Can you convert "my time" into "your time" and call at the "right time"?

Mystery Class Update: February 20, 2009
Which Mystery Class's photoperiod is changing most quickly? Most slowly? Will today's third set of data and your graphing reveal anything more about the rate of change? Do you know your own latitude? It's a key tool in your search. And have you noticed any connection between changing photoperiod and other living systems around you? Explore the web of life to learn more!

Mystery Class Update: February 13, 2009
The second set of sunrise/sunset data has arrived along with a surprise! How have the photoperiods changed since last week? Why do you think some lines on your graph go up, some go down, and some don't change much? Do you know what causes photoperiod to change? Teachers can explore this and more with the Reasons for Seasons primer and its new animation tool.

Mystery Class

Mystery Class Update: February 6, 2009
Somewhere under the sun there are ten Mystery Classes waiting to be found. Can you uncover their secret locations? Start with today's Video Snapshot, then see what the first set of sunrise/sunset data reveals. Teachers: want to modify Mystery Class to fit your students' grade or skills? And don't miss this week's new Journal Page handout. Grab your globe -- it's time to explore!

suitcase Reminder: Mystery Class Begins Monday, February 2, 2009
Are you packed and ready to start the best global game of hide and seek in the world? Take your first step on Monday by recording your local sunrise/sunset times. Find all the information you need to begin your quest for the ten secret sites in today's reminder. Bon voyage!
earth from space
Welcome and Orientation
When Mystery Class begins, weekly news will be posted on this page. We'll challenge you to find 10 Mystery Class sites using sunrise and sunset clues! You can get ready for Mystery Class any time. Try these lessons to build students' skills and understanding of Earth's daily and seasonal cycles.