Journey North News: Spring 2008

Posted Fridays: Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Mar. 7, 14, 21, 28 Apr. 4, 11, 18, 25 May 2, 9

FINAL Mystery Class Update: May 9, 2008
Meet the Class of 2008 at last! Which site had earthquakes last year? Which one keeps a pet goat at school? And where can you scuba dive under a polar ice cap? Find out these answers and more when you travel around our animated Globe to meet your new "bff's". Teachers, assess if your students grasped the key concepts of Mystery Class. And please let us know your thoughts with our Year End Evaluation. Finally, did you know that one of last year's mystery sites was in Myanmar, the nation hit by a cyclone? Visit their Intro from last year.
Mystery Class Update: May 2, 2008
Mystery Solved! At long last, the ten secret sites are uncovered in a new animated map. Watch and discover "Where in the World" they have been hiding, and who had the most correct answers in the contest. And be sure you come back next week to meet and greet your new friends -- they're so excited to meet you! Plus, do you know any far away friends that might want to be a secret Mystery Class for next year?
Mystery Class Update: April 25, 2008
There's still time to enter the contest. The deadline is today, Friday, April 25. And in just one more week we'll reveal all our secrets. For now, try being "teacher for a day" in today's Handout. And look how everyone is really getting excited. "We discovered places that we never even heard of" said one student. Play the video to see what might happen in your classroom. Plus, you're invited to a celebration -- join the fun!
Mystery Class Update: April 18, 2008
Can you believe how much you've learned since beginning Mystery Class? In today's Handout, explore just how far you've come. Have you solved the mystery and uncovered the secret sites? You can submit your answers until April 25. Then on May 2 we'll reveal the Mystery Class locations. In the meantime, celebrate Earth Day, and take the quiz -- how big is your ecological footprint?
Mystery Class Update: April 11, 2008
Are you ready to solve the mystery and find the ten secret locations? Use today's last set of times and clues to finalize your thinking. Test your conclusions by presenting and defending your case in class. Are you entering the contest? Use today's Checklist to prepare and submit the online Answer Form. Good luck! The deadline for your answers is April 25.
Mystery Class Update: April 4, 2008
The latest times and clues have arrived. Do you notice a familar face (beak) at a different location this week? Your mystery friends are anxious to learn if you have uncovered their secret locations yet -- have you? Not to worry, there is still one more set of clues coming. Plus, breaking news about a cool invention that takes you on the ride of your life. Finally, how did your Egguinox predictions stand up to the test? Find out what the Scientist says
Mystery Class Update March 28, 2008
The second set of clues has arrived, along an with the ninth set of data. Speaking of clues, what does temperature have to do with a Mystery Class' location? Watch an animated temperature map and see if you can uncover any thermal clues. Have you noticed any changes on your graph since the spring equinox? And why didn't some locations have exactly twelve hours of day and night on the equinox? Finally, what's the status of your "eggsperiment"?
Mystery Class Update: March 21, 2008
The first set of interdisciplinary clues are here from the Mystery Classes! And so is another longitude activity called Eating on the Equinox. Will these give you a little taste of the secret locations, and help narrow your search? And can you predict how your graph will look next week? How about a peek at earth from space over the North Pole? Will that reveal why day and night are nearly equal on the equinox? And did your eggs stand on the equinox?

Mystery Class Update: March 14, 2008
Will you notice anything interesting in this week's sunrise/sunset times? Can you line up the Mystery Classes from west to east yet? The Longitude Clues are here. What do you expect them to reveal? Follow today's instructions and worksheets to try and get closer to solving the mystery. And finally, can you make a prediction what will happen when you try to balance your eggs next Thursday, March 20?

Mystery Class Update: March 7, 2008
With six weeks of photoperiod data and graphing, can you predict where the lines of your graph are heading? Draw the future in today's Handout. As daylength changes with the seasons, is sunlight also changing the way it strikes the Earth? Compare images of Earth in December and March to see for yourself. All things being equal, this will give you an inside "angle" for next week's Longitude Clues. Finally, how your eggsperiment going?
Mystery Class Update: February 29, 2008
What do you really know (or not) about the Mystery Class locations so far? Have you discovered anything about their longitude yet? Will this fifth week of data help? You'll need to take a little "time" to learn more about daily sun cycles and world clocks. Plus, "Right Now" is a good time for more journaling. By the way, what's the standing of your "eggsperiment"?
Mystery Class Update: February 22, 2008
Did anything new "come to light" in this week's data? What can you tell about the latitude of the Mystery Classes? Which are north of you, and which are south? Explore the connections between photoperiod and latitude, and time of day and longitude, including two key concepts to prepare you for the upcoming Longitude Clues. Finally, get started on this "eggceptional" experiment -- do eggs really stand up only on the equinox? Make your predictions now!

Mystery Class Update: February 15, 2008
What can you tell about the rate of photoperiod change now that you have three weeks of data? Have you noticed any connection between changing photoperiod and other living systems around you? Explore the web of life to learn more! Plus, open the World's Biggest Address Book and slide show to decode global addresses, one of the key tools you'll need in your search.

Mystery Class Update: February 8, 2008
The second set of sunrise/sunset clues has arrived from the Mystery Classes. Now do you know more about their locations? Are photoperiods increasing? Decreasing? Also this week: Explore a fascinating mini-unit that shines light on the real reasons for seasons.
Mystery Class Update: February 1, 2008
Welcome to Mystery Class! Somewhere under the sun there are ten secret Mystery Classes hiding, and they sent their first set of sunrise/sunset data in today's report. How will you use the data to begin your search? Watch today's videos to find out. And don't miss the new Questions Handout and Journal page too. Teachers: organize your students with expert advice including ideas for younger students. Grab your globe -- it's time to explore and see what you'll discover!
Reminder: Mystery Class Begins Monday, January 28, 2008
Where in the world are the ten secret Mystery Classes hiding this year? Are you packed and ready to join the search? Take your first global step on Monday by recording your local sunrise/sunset times. Find all the information you need to begin your quest in today's reminder. Bon voyage!

Welcome and Orientation
When Mystery Class begins, weekly news will be posted on this page. We'll challenge you to find 10 Mystery Class sites using sunrise and sunset clues! You can get ready for Mystery Class any time. Try these lessons to build students' skills and understanding of Earth's daily and seasonal cycles. >>