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Journey North News, Spring 2005
Reminder: Mystery Class Begins on Monday, January 31, 2005
Right now ten SECRET Mystery Classes are hiding across the globe. Your mission: find all ten secret locations in eleven weeks' time! Watch the changing sunrise/sunset times that we'll post weekly, and other crucial clues coming later. At the end of the investigation, you'll try to answer the BIG question: "Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Classes are located?" But first things first, REMEMBER to collect and record your own hometown sunrise/sunset times starting next Monday January 31. Good luck!
Mystery Class Update: February 4, 2005
Welcome to Mystery Class! The first set of sunrise/sunset times from the ten secret Mystery Classes has arrived. To get you started, this Update is chock-full of information on everything from organizing your hunt to calculating photoperiods, and graphing. There are also ideas for younger students, and a video clip too. So grab your globe--it's time to uncover, discover, graph, laugh, search and research. Where do you think the ten secret sites are hiding? Good Luck!

Mystery Class Update: February 11, 2005
Your secret Mystery friends have sent you a sweet gift just in "time" for Valentine's Day--their second set of sunrise/sunset data. How much more can you discover about the secret sites with this latest data? Are their photoperiods increasing? Decreasing? Or...? A teacher tip helps you uncover as much as possible. Plus, do you know what the real "Reasons for Seasons are"? A new mini- unit of lessons "shines some light" on this question. And get a quick Latin lesson from the answers to last week's Challenge Question.
Mystery Class Update: February 18, 2005
What will the third set of sunrise/sunset data reveal this week? Will the graph change any of your initial thinking? And what else is changing besides day length? An "enlightening" video and web of life lessons uncover how changing photoperiod affects everything from plants to animals. What would change if the Earth's axis was not tilted? Plus, countdown to Longitude Clues--how might a "Hula-hoop" relate to mapping the Earth?
Mystery Class Update: February 25, 2005
Will this week's fourth set of sunrise/sunset data let you list the Mystery Classes from north to south? Give it a try! Plus there are important lessons on international time keeping, knowing how sunrise & sunset REALLY happen, and Teacher Tips too. All to help you use the upcoming Longitude Clues and understand the "timing" of the international world. And try this "Eggceptional" experiment--do eggs really stand up on end on the Equinox?
Mystery Class Update: March 4, 2005
What is your graph telling you now? Can you predict what it would look like on March 20, the Vernal Equinox? Next week, you'll receive the long-awaited Longitude Clues, so watch today's helpful video where Massachusetts teacher Holly Cerullo says students are "...beginning to narrow it down!". You'll also get your fifth set of sunrise/sunset data today. And what's the standing of your "eggsperiment"?
Mystery Class Update: March 11, 2005
Happy Vernal Equinox (a little early!) To celebrate, today's Update is loaded with the long-awaited Longitude Clues. They'll help you ESTIMATE the approximate Longitude of the secret sites. To help get you started, we've calculated two of the Longitude Clues for you as examples. We've also got the latest sixth set of weekly sunrise/sunset times, a vocabulary builder with the Mystery Class Glossary, plus several responses to last week's Challenge Questions.
Mystery Class Update: March 18, 2005
Do you feel clueless? Not to worry--your first set of clues from the Mystery sites has arrived (like this photo clue of a band sent by one of your secret friends.) Plus there's a video about clues too. By the way, what's the standing of your egg-balance experiment? This Sunday is the Vernal Equinox, so be sure to conduct your egg balancing that day--will you notice anything special with your eggs? And who wanted to be a millionaire long before any game shows? Plus this week's sunrise/sunset times too.
Mystery Class Update: March 25, 2005
Would you like a little peek at the Mystery Classes? Here's your chance, but you'll have to look very closely because your glimpse is from Space! And something's happened to some of the sunrise/sunset times this week. Can you explain what? And why? On the Equinox, is it possible that some locations might appear to not have EXACTLY twelve hours of day and night? Why might that be? Plus, we have the latest times and clues. And by the way, how is your classroom's "eggsperiments" going so far?
Mystery Class Update: April 1, 2005
No April Fooling, your secret Mystery Friends have sent in their latest times and clues to help you discover where they're hiding. Just two more weeks of times and clues to go. There's also breaking news about an invention that lets you travel around the globe free! And time's up--let us know if your egg balancing experiments scrambled up anything "eggciting"! Important: the deadline is drawing near--get an advance notice on how to successfully submit your answers.

Mystery Class Update: April 8, 2005
There's just one more set of clues to come after this week, so time is running out. And your Mystery Friends are anxious to learn if you have uncovered their secret locations yet--have you? Teachers, we have the required Instructions for submitting your answer to help you get ready for the April 22 deadline. We're also revealing this week's Sunrise/Sunset Data, the fourth set of Clues, and some "Eggciting" news too.
Mystery Class Update: April 15, 2005
The time has come! "Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Classes are located?". Your secret friends want to know. For one last bit of help, they've sent along the FINAL sunrise/sunset data and FINAL clues. Print and follow the Contest Instructions carefully--your deadline is no later than Friday, April 22. Did you strap on your Latitude Shoes? Read a first-hand, err, "first-foot" account from one fast-flying third grader's Travel Report.

Mystery Class Update: April 22, 2005
The Deadline to submit your answers for the Mystery Class contest is Friday April 22 (don't be late--no exceptions). And Happy 35th Anniversary, Earth Day! Want to celebrate? Take a step in the right direction with this timely quiz. Grab the popcorn and watch two inspiring video clips to help prepare you for next week, when the secret locations and contest results are revealed. Good luck!

Mystery Class Update: April 29, 2005
Yahoo! The 10 secret sites are revealed today. Congratulations! You've searched around the world and now the day is here at last--find out "Where in the World" they have been hiding. Contest Participants--who had the most correct answers? Did you enjoy the mystery? Please share your thoughts in our Evaluation. And be sure to come back next week to meet and greet your new friends!

FINAL Mystery Class Update: May 6, 2005
Strike up the band! It's time to finally meet your new global friends. Do you know which site had a python snake on their campus? Which one experienced a military coup? And which one offers cookies so good that pilots fly across continents to get them? Find out when you meet everyone. Plus, take another "flight" with more students who strapped on their Latitude Shoes. And please share your thoughts about your mystery this season. Have a great summer. We hope to see you next year.






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