Countdown to Mystery Class: Four Months to Go!

Autumn is here and days are getting shorter. This month, explore what causes day and night.

Mystery Class begins January 31, 2014
Next Countdown: November 1, 2013

Image of the Month

Follow the Sun
Day and Night
Image: A Clevenger

How Can I Prepare Students? Track Changes in Day Length

Photoperiod is a central clue in Mystery Class. Build skills by reporting your photoperiod each month.

Report Daylight
October 1

Report to the Map!

1. Report for October 1

2. Find your sunrise/sunset: Look-up

3. Calculate your day length (photoperiod).

4. Report your day length: Select "Daylight"

Mystery Class Photoperiod Map Photoperiod Map: Dates to Report Photoperiod Map: Guiding Questions
Map Dates to Report Guiding Questions
for Map Analysis
Explore: What Makes Day and Night?

Observe, Wonder, and Predict
Observe images of the Earth from space. See how sunlight strikes the Earth over the course of a day. Explore the 24-hour cycle of changes.

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What Makes Day and Night?
Just for Teachers: How to Participate
Mystery Class Participation Guide Mystery Class is a global game of hide-and-seek. Students track seasonal changes in sunlight and then investigate other clues to find ten secret sites around the world. Download step-by-step instructions:
Next Countdown November 1, 2013